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Follow the Leader

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Children will love following Dana as she inspires them to move like all kinds of animals in this upbeat call & response song. Tight harmonies and jazzy horns and keys will get everyone in the family hopping along!


By Dana Cohenour ©2016

Can you hop, hop like a bunny?
(Hop, hop like a bunny)
Jump like a kangaroo?
(Jump like a kangaroo)
Can you waddle like a penguin?
Show me what you can do!

Can you fly like a bird in the sky?
(Fly like a bird in the sky)
And tweet a happy song?
(Tweet a happy song)
Flap your wings like a butterfly
Listen and follow along!

Follow the leader
Copy what you see
Follow the leader
What animals can we be?

Can you squiggle like a squid?
(Squiggle like a squid)
Can you swim, swim like a fish?
(Swim, swim like a fish)
Can you gallop like a pony?
And give your tail a swish

Can you dance like a funky monkey?
(Dance like a funky monkey)
Now buzz, buzz like a bee?
(Buzz, buzz like a bee)
Can you pose like a pink flamingo?
With one foot on your knee


Can you stomp like a bear?
(Stomp like a bear)
Dig, dig, dig like a mole?
(Dig, dig, dig like a mole)
Can you wiggle, wiggle like a worm?
And hide inside your hole

Can you open and close like a clam?
(Open and close like a clam)
And snap like a crocodile?
(Snap like a crocodile)
Can you lurk like a shark?
And show me your best smile


Can you pounce like a tiger?
(Pounce like a tiger)
Like a lizard, take a leap
(Take a lizard leap)
Can you be quiet as a little mouse?
It’s time to fall asleep… Wake up!!


Follow the leader
Look what you can do!
Follow the leader
Next time, I’ll follow you!


from Dana's Best Jump & Jam Tunes, track released April 15, 2017
Words and music by Dana Cohenour © 2016


all rights reserved



dana Bellingham, Washington

Dana’s music introduces children to a wide range of genres from jazz & country to pop & zydeco. Winner of 17 national awards and wide acclaim from both critics and kids, Dana's energy and enthusiasm are "contagious."

Dana’s newest release gets kids moving, grooving and laughing. Clever wordplay, catchy tunes & stellar musicians make this interactive collection a fun, high-energy musical party.
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